Lincoln and Miller

Sunday, September 24, 2006

We had a great week! As you can see, Lincoln has started reading! Actually following this picture, he started eating the book, but he sure looks studious! He also grabbed on to my diet coke bottle...yes, Gigi will be thrilled! Lincoln got some healthy doses of diet coke while in my tummy, this could be why he weighed 10 pounds! Diet, yeah right!

Predators Hockey season started on Saturday. So I have lost my husband until April! Somehow we wound up on the Jumbo-tron...wonder who got us on there? Lincoln also got a tatoo for this event! Thanks Grandpa Mike for helping out so much!

We got the ok from our doctor to start baby food this week! So far sweet potatoes are going well, tomorrow we will start some squash...yummy! He seems to enjoy them, all though it is hard to tell from this picture!
Hope everyone has a great week! Love Trish, Brian and Lincoln

Friday, September 22, 2006

Just a few pics....

We have had a pretty low key couple of weeks! And that is ok by us! Lincoln moved into his "big boy" carseat. A bitter sweet moment for me! No more hauling around that heavy baby bucket, but look! My little fellow is in his "big boy" carseat! AHH! I have also found that getting in and out of the car is not quite as easy as before! But we are leaning! Lincoln is showing off his new crocs. They kind of blend in with the table, but trust me, they are super cute! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Oh...we went for our 6 month visit. Lincoln is 17 and a half pounds, 28 inches and has a big ole head! He is healthy as a horse and we are going to start baby food this weekend! I am sure we will have some pics to share! Love you!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

So much fun...

Bath time with Daddy! Look at my hair!!!

Today I practiced sitting up...I can hold myself up for a few seconds, then I wind up on the floor...thankfully I think it is funny!

We had another great week! Lincoln went to his first party...Happy Birthday Brax! The bounce house was so much fun! We spent the rest of the weekend playing! I love this stage in his life! He laughs at everything I do, smiles whenever he sees me, and most importantly, he isn't mobile just yet! He is working on getting that little bootie in the air, so tonight, Brian got out the gates. Better safe than sorry! Hope everyone else had a great week too! Love Trish, Brian and Lincoln

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday morning

Hello! We have had another woderful week! Brian is getting geared up for Preds Season, I have been working hard, and Lincoln, well he has been perfecting his rice cereal eating. He is doing a really good job. Brian and I had a yummy breakfast of Dunkin' Donuts...our new favorite much for trying to lose these last pregnancy pounds! And Lincoln had some rice cereal and then off to his swing! Hope everyone had a great week! Love Trish, Brian and Linc