Lincoln and Miller

Tuesday, July 31, 2007's been 27 years since I've posted...

Yes, I know, it has been forever since I have posted pics here, but we have been busy! Nothing too exciting at our house...just trying to stay cool! We have been going to the pool almost everyday. Lincoln loves the water and has proved to be quite a good swimmer! He is talking up a storm. Of course he has hit the age where anything round is a ball. Poor kiddo wants so badly to play with the stone balls that are outside of Target! Some other words are cheese, woof, yeah, no, Sassie (the dog that lives next door to my parents), mmmmm, mama and dadda. Here are some pics of what we have been up to!

He is so tired, he has to sleep on the dog.

Poor Daddy! He can't get any sleep around here! Little hands seem to poke at him all the time!

Brewster is playing nice with Lincoln. They have become pretty good friends! Just giving him a little pat on the back!

And yes, his foot is stuck in the crib. Perhaps it is time to move the stool out of his room!

Lincoln spends most of his afternoons looking out the window at the kids playing in the street. He bangs on the window and yells and they all stop and say hi. He loves it! My windows are a mess, and I think this window blind has seen better days!

He is my little drooling bruiser. He fell down a few weeks ago and got this yucky scratched eye. He cried for all of 10 seconds before he was asking for his ball. He's a pretty tough guy!

Love you all! Trish, Brian and Lincoln