Lincoln and Miller

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Sand is HOT!!

I packed up the car and Brian came home early and we took Lincoln to the beach, by ourselves. Now some of you may say, come on! The kid is 17 months and there are two of you. Well, I wish there would have been six of us! The kiddo didn't stop the entire time we were there! He would wake each morning...early...and run to the glass door (I have probably failed to mention he has learned to get out of his crib and pack and play by himself, yeah, great!) and bang until Brian and I got out of bed. Lincoln would yell at the waves, the people on the beach, the cars, the motorcycles, etc. We would head to the beach ASAP for fear his tiny fists would break the window and cost us our deposit! He loved it! He has no fears, which is good and bad! He also learned some new words while we were gone. Like "hot" as in, "Lincoln, is the sand hot?" "Yeah, hot." and "Lincoln, is the water wet?" "Yeah, wet." Ahhh, my own little Rainman! Brian and I are now ready for some rest and relaxation...something that didn't exist while on our trip! But to see the smiles and hear the laughs made it all worth it! Here are some pics from our trip! In other news, we returned from our trip to find our house had sold. We don't have a place to move to or any idea what we want to we may be homeless for awhile! Guess that rest and relaxation is going to have to come further down the road! Love, Trish Brian and Lincoln

After I captured this sweet little smile, he bolted! Straight to the water, head first. I expected a lot of crying but I got lots and lots of laughter!
Ummm, he discovered his shadow...he was pretty mad about it!
Yelling at the water and throwing sand. Shocking huh?!

So tired...this may be the only time he slept the whole trip!

His favorite place to be was in dad's arms and out into the waves!

There was a wedding on the beach in front of our condo. He is dancing and clapping for them!

Running away, again.
An attempt for a nice picture...of course this was the best of the 20 or so we took!
Pretty good looking kid! Yeah, guess we will keep him!

Just chillin on the porch, taking in the sights!

The last night we were there, he finally decided he would put on his sunglasses. If only we had known they would be this much fun!!!