Lincoln and Miller

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Madness!

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed their family and friends! I know we sure did! Lincoln and Miller got some great gifts from Santa...Lincoln was really into it this year! Here are some pics of our fantastic holiday! The Campbell Family
The Simpkins-Campbell Family

This is Lincoln's letter to Santa. He left it with the cookies and carrot so Santa wouldn't forget what he had asked for!

The next morning, we awoke to a half eaten carrot and cookie and Santa had left a note for Lincoln too! It was "wowie zowie" if you ask Lincoln (that is his word for amazing/fantastic/wonderful/best ever/coolest/most awesome thing in the world!)

He was all smiles on Chirstmas morning!

And so was Miller!

Aunt Jenny came home for Christmas! This was the first time she got to see Mills! They hit it off right away!

Linc asked Santa for a "quad like Aunt Bethy's" and Santa did not disappoint! He was all over the place! I have to admit, it is pretty cool!

Santa also brought a fishing pole. My dad and Linc fished in their pool. He caught lots of what he calls brown fish (the rest of us would probably call them brown leaves!)

Some very important instruction from Grandpa on how to catch a big one!

He also got a Smart Cycle. Uncle Kevin helped him set it up! He really loves it and refers to it as his motorcycle!

Miller was crying, so I asked him to give her a toy to help calm her. When I turned around, he had placed every single toy onto her swing! Guess he was tired of hearing her cry and thought the more he gave her, the happier she would be??!!!

We took the quad for a spin at the house...he did great! He didn't even hit the parked car!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!! Love Trish, Brian, Linc and Mills

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just a quick update!

We are getting ready for Santa at the Campbell house! Lincoln has written his letter...he has asked Santa for some pretty cool presents! He even asked Santa to bring something for Miller! She is so lucky! Here are a few pictures of our week.
Linc took his "girlfriend" Avery out to lunch...she is sooooo cute and I would love for him to take her to lunch again soon!

Miller's trick of the week was lifting her head all the way off the ground and holding if I can teach her to make a bottle...hmm

You looking at me?

The famous "cheeeeesssseee" face.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! Love Trish, Brian, Lincoln and Miller

Friday, December 19, 2008

8 things

Darci tagged me to do this, so here it goes!

8 things I have done today
1. Fed Miller
2. Read the paper
3. Changed Miller
4. Changed Lincoln
5. Changed Lincoln again (come on potty training!)
6. Did some shopping at Target
7. Had lunch with Gi-gi and Grandpa
8. Kissed a boo-boo all better

8 things I watch
1. Max and Ruby (this is my least favorite show, but if I want to get ANYTHING done, it must be on)
2. The news
3. Lazy Town (another least favorite)
4. Ellen
5. My name is earl (this is now a favorite of Linc's too)
6. Stewie or to the rest of us Family Guy
7. One of the many Law and Orders
8. CSI Miami this is one of the guilty pleasures I allow never know what H is going to do with his sunglasses!

8 things I wish for
1. My kids will remain healthy
2. The lottery fairy would swoop down and bestow a few dollars upon us
3. Snow...lots and lots
4. That handprints would vanish from my kitchen door after 10 minutes!
5. Miller would sleep through the night...hey it said wishes!
6. Brian will find something that makes him happy and puts to use his awesome talents!
7. That Christmas cookies would help you lose weight, not gain it!
8. That 2009 brings us lots of surprises and smiles

8 things I look forward to
1. Lincoln asking me if I am happy
2. Seeing Brian get home on time this Saturday (it is currently -33 in Canada and a blizzard is in the forecast)
3. Linc telling me that I am his Best Friend
4. The little smile Miller gives me...I know it is still gas, but I still look forward to it!
5. Aunt Jenny coming home this week!
6. Bright sunny days
7. A trip with the super six...someplace very warm, with sand and waves!
8. Seeing Lincoln react to Santa. I think he really gets it this year!

I am supposed to tag 8 of my friends to continue this, but I will spare all of you! Consider it my Christmas gift to you!
Love Trish

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow and sleep

We got to play in the snow last week! Linc was out of school, so we let him stay up past his bedtime to enjoy the freezing stuff! Here are some pics of our week!
Brian taught Lincoln how to make snowballs...they had a great time hitting me!

Here is a rare picture at our house...Miller asleep. She is doing better and sleeping a little longer each time, so we are making progress!

Linc is practicing his Santa laugh. He was pretty good!

And here is our sweet girl all alert...this is a common picture at our house! She loves to interact and is fond of her swing!

Hope everyone has finished all their Christmas shopping and the gifts are wrapped. Mine aren't, but hey, I am taking it all in stride this year! Merry Christmas!!!
Love Trish, Brian, Linc and Mills

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Lincoln's very spoiled Disney trip!

What should every little boy get when a new sibling arrives? A trip to Disney with Gi-Gi, Grandpa, Aunt Bethy, Aunt Jenny and Jon! Of course! Really the trip was planned long before we found out Miller would be joining the we decided that Lincoln should go anyway. He was spoiled rotten and had a great time! Here are some pictures of his fantastic trip!
He got to see Aunt Jenny and has been too long since we have seen them!

Wicked cool! Totally awesome...these were some of the sayings that Aunt Jenny and Jon taught Linc.

Merry-go-round with Grandpa

Aunt Bethy and Lincoln on Toy Story!

The famous Dumbo ride! The shortest ride in the park with the longest wait...go figure!

As you know, Lincoln only lets Mickey cut his hair without putting up a fuss...we put off getting one until he was at Mickey's house!

All smiles...can this lady make a trip to TN to give him a cut?

Love you Minnie!

Have a great week! Love, Trish, Brian, Linc and Miller