Lincoln and Miller

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

Whew! What a busy few weeks we have had! We finally finished our "wedding run"! We had at least 6 weddings to attend! All the happy couples had beautiful weddings and are now living happily ever after! Here are Brian and Lincoln eating at one of our new favorite places...Mineo's! They have great pizza and fantastic wings! Not so good for the weight loss plan we are on, but yummy!

Gosh, I love that little guy!

He has discoved rattles! Yeah! Something to occupy him! Unitl now, we have gotten away with ceiling fans! Rattles are good, not too loud, hold his attention, improve his control, not too expensive...all the way around, they are a fantastic find!
He also loves his mobile. He has discovered that the animals keep coming back to him!
And swimming! I am so happy he loves the water! I am such a water lover and I hope he will be too! Nothing could make me happier than sitting on the beach people I get to share that with Lincoln! Don't worry mommies...he was only in the sun long enough to get this pic and then back in the shade! No coppertone bootie yet!
We miss you and love you all! We are preparing for our next big adventure, Disney! We leave in 2 weeks and will meet my mom and dad. Brian and I are looking forward to having the best of both worlds, our little one close by with a watchful eye from my parents and getting to run wild at the Happiest Place on Earth! Love Trish, Lincoln and Brian

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Uncle Kevin graduated this past weekend and to celebrate, we went to Sho-guns. Lincoln got his first feel for chopstix...although he discovered how difficult it is to eat Similac with them! After dinner, we had a fire in our new fire pit. Linc was in awe of the whole thing! We are all doing great! He has been able to spend lots of time with Gi-gi and Grandpa Mike as I have been overwhelmed at work. Hopefully it will all settle down soon and we can get back to our normal schedule. And not to jinx myself, but 3 nights in a row Lincoln has slept ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE NIGHT! Yep, down at 8:00 and up at 7:00! The first night was super scary for me, I kept waking thinking something was wrong! Of course he was still dreaming away in his little crib! I know, I worry just a little too much! Love you and miss you all! Trish, Lincoln and Brian