Lincoln and Miller

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Out and about

We are doing great! I have gotten a little bit of cabin fever, so we took our first trip to Target. Lincoln loved it! I think he remembers how many times we visited here during my pregnancy and felt right at home! Then, he asked where did I get all those good milkshakes, so we took him to Steak and Shake...the boy loves his sweets!
All the girls came to visit us this week and brought us dinner...of course they spent a little more time playing with Lincoln than they did cooking! Brax came over too! They compared feet and decided that Lincoln may be new, but he sure does have big feet!


Lincoln loves his Grammy, Pop-pop, Gi-Gi and Grandpa Mike! I think he is getting used to being spoiled by all of them! And Lincoln did great with Brewster! Or maybe Brewster did great with Lincoln?!

Aunts and Uncles

Lincoln loves all his aunts and uncles!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Doing great!

We have made it through our first couple of days and so far so good! Lincoln is eating and sleeping well and we are so excited at all he does! We are pretty sure he is advanced for his age..of course we may be bias! Everytime I look at him I fall in love all over again! Here are some of our newest pics!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lincoln's Birthday!

He's here! Yeah! He arrived March 20 @ 1:57am! Remember how I said the ultrasound indicated he would be 9lbs? Well it was wrong...instead he weighed 10 pounds! Yep! He's a big boy! 21 inches long and as healthy as a baby can be! We are so excited and thankful! Brian is doing great with him. He just kinda picked up being a dad and has done a fantastic job! I am so lucky to have them both! I am getting around slowly but have had so much help from Brian and both our family and friends that I think I will make it! We are exicted to share him with you all! Love Trish, Brian and Lincoln

Friday, March 10, 2006

Perhaps he will Graduate college from my womb...

Well, we have good news and bad. We had an ultrasound this week and the good news is Lincoln is great! He is really enjoying himself in my tummy! So much so that he is estimated to be 9 lbs! Yes, that is the bad news...for me anyway! But we can't complain, a healthy son is all we have ever asked for! Our doctor told us to hang on and enjoy the time we still have as childless people. Easy for him to say, he isn't carrying 9lbs of baby on his baldder! I am concerned that Lincoln has taken such a liking to his "home" that he may never come out! We are looking at which colleges would offer us a discount as he is likely to still be in the womb when he's 18! Don't we look oblivious to the fact that our lives are about to change forever?! Love Trish and Brian