Lincoln and Miller

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Then there was the incident...

Dear faithful blogger readers,
There has been an incident. Please see the pictures and descriptions below. Lincoln likes the camera. We can't keep him away from it. Our intention was to get him a "kid-proof" one for his birthday next month. As you can see, he takes pretty good pics...does anyone need a picture of a golf club to place in a magazine, cause this one is pretty cool!

And he is great at getting the detail of things too. I mean just look at the way the flash bounces off the black background. That takes talent.

And people...he is fantastic at catching you at all the right moments! However, this is the last picture that was taken by my camera...EVER. You see, shortly after this shot was taken, the camera fell to the ground and died. The lens is shattered, the zoom has seen better days and the view-finder can't seem to find anything anymore. (If I had a camera I would take a picture to show you, but alas, IT DOESN'T WORK!!!) So, I will leave you with the two pictures below because, until I get my $13 bonus in each paycheck, (as promised by President Broccoli - this is what Lincoln thinks his name is) we will no longer be taking pictures!

Sweet baby Miller has no idea that Lincoln is running circles around her. Ahh to sleep like a baby!!

He is proudly displaying his new movie. Brian is cracking up about Linc's hair...why?! I think he looks like a rock star!
So, check back in a few weeks...maybe I will have received my money by then and we will be in the market for a new camera. Until then....
Love, Trish Brian Linc and Mills
Oh, and for those of you keeping score, that is now
1 flat screen TV
2 DVD players
1 baby swing
1 camera
that our sweet angel has destroyed. Either I need to keep a better eye on him, or we need to not have nice things anymore.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

3 months!!!!

Miller is now 3 months old! She is doing great! She is starting to sleep through the night, however she still has her moments when she wants to wake up at 2am and play!!! But overall, it is getting much better! Lincoln is doing great too! He still hasn't figured out that Santa doesn't come for another 10 months, so anything he sees, he wants to "put on my list for Santa to bring"! It also comes in handy when he acts up..."don't forget, Santa is watching you!!!" Wonder how much longer I can keep that one up? Mills is very smiley all the time! She is looking at Lincoln making funny faces...I was laughing too!

She still doesn't have any teeth! Lincoln asks me every day "Does she got her teeth yet?" Then he makes her laugh just to check. "Nope, she don't got them yet." We are working on our grammar!

The weather has been fantastic the last couple of days! Lincoln made a bird feeder at school and wanted to hang it up for them. So far, it is still haning on the fence with no takers!

Mom got me a sewing machine for christmas. I swore I was going to use it every day and that I would make Miller all her clothes. Well....I did manage to make this dress, but it took ALL DAY LONG and cost way more than if I had just bought her a dress. But I did have a good time putting it all together! I better get her into it soon before she outgrows it!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! And as Lincoln would say "get outta here and blow your stink off" or "let's get this show on da road" Thanks Grandpa for helping us increase our vocabulary!!!
Love, Trish, Brian, Lincoln and Miller