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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back to work!

Well, I knew the time would come, but it seemed to come much more quickly this time around! I am back to work. It was with mixed emotions that I drove to work on Sunday and took care of someone elses baby! Mine were just fine according to Brian...everyone got through the night! So, I am back to 2 full time jobs! Miller is doing great! She had her 2 month check up and was right on track! She now weighs 11.6 pounds (a full 3 pounds since birth!) and did great getting her first set of shots. Lincoln has gone back to school and is happy to be back in his routine! Brian keeps on traveling, and while we miss him so much when he is away, it makes the time when he is home so much more valuable! Hope everyone is doing well! Aunt Bethy made Mills this super cute shirt! I love it!

The camera hog!

Brian's grandma came to visit all the way from NJ. She will be here all of January. Linc loves her and tries to get her to play hockey with him. So far she hasn't given in, but she has showered him with love and lots of other goodies. This is Grandma's first great-grandaughter and she was so excited to see Miller!

Just looking cute! We are finally getting into a routine and things are becoming much easier!

Have a great week! Love Trish, Brian, Lincoln and Miller


Blogger Zerilli Triplets n' 1 said...

Going back to work is always difficult! :( But... you are very lucky to leave your babies in good hands -- espcially with their Daddy -- and all of the families of the little ones you care for at work are very lucky to have such a great nurse take care of their little ones. :)
And OMG-- "great-grandmom" is such a doll... she is such a sweetie! :) I'm sure she is loving life having the opportunity to spend all of that time with everyone, especially the babies -- that's great!
Sending a hello from all of us back in NJ! :) Take care!

8:35 PM  

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