Lincoln and Miller

Thursday, October 25, 2007

We are I think!

We are in the new house, there are no more boxes, Lincoln is starting to sleep through the night, and most importantly, I found the cable to download pictures. I guess that means we are settled. However, I still wake up each morning thinking about where I can hang which picture where and what color should the living room be??!!! Hopefully that will all be worked out soon. In the mean time, we are doing great! Brian is back full time, (which translates to at least 6 days a week), at the Preds and so far is getting along just fine. He loves the job and makes us so proud of the work he does! Lincoln is meeting some of the new neighbors and they are great! They are close to his age...that makes all the difference! Here are some long over due pics of the little guy. In case I did not update everyone in our last blog, Linc had his 18 month appointment. Here are his stats: Weight 33 lbs (I would like a re-weigh) 99% for his age, 35 inches, 89% for his age and I don't remember his head...I think after the first time or so, you sort of forget that as long as your kid has a normal sized head and all! So, that is our little monster! To see him, you would never place him in the 19 month group....he looks so much older which makes it so much harder for me! Why it seems as if just yesterday he was born.....well, you know what I mean! Love you lots! Trish, Brian and Linc

Cheesin with his sunglasses.

Found my running hat...I have decided to run in the next Country Music marathon, so I hope this hat gets to see more days on my head than Lincoln's!

I recently had my high school reunion. We had a great time seeing everyone....never mind if I was so nervous!

Yeah, not sure, just thought he looked cute!

I was at the mall looking for a birthday gift for a friend...looked over and this is why he was so quiet. We already have a halloween costume picked out, but maybe this could be his back up???

When I am at work, Brian tells me that he and Linc just chill and watch TV. These dance moves make me think they watch Dancing with the stars or listen to XM radio while I am gone...seriously, the kid has moves...

Nice hat!

Happy Halloween! Can't wait to show everyone our Halloween costume...of course it will be December before I get it posted on here, but still......We love you all!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Where in the heck did I pack that????

Sorry to all my faithful blogger readers...all 6 of you! We have been out of blogger land for a bit as I packed up our house and prepared to move our family one mile down the road. Yes, that's right! We moved 1.4 miles east of our house! Quite a bit of work for such a short move! Anyway, we are all moved into our new house so let the unpacking begin! I will post some pics of the new home sweet home as soon as I find the cord to down load pictures...I should have been more diligent in organizing what goes in what box and clearly marking what was in each box. So far I have found videos that made their way to the master bathroom...we have no TV in there and a box full of garage supplies that made their way to Linc's new room. One day it will all be done! Love, Trish, Brian and Linc