Lincoln and Miller

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Watch out MLB!!!

Today Lincoln announced that he will no longer be playing "t-Ball" and that Brian and I have to throw it to him. I am not sure if this is because we went to a Sounds game recently and saw the big boys playing, or if he is just ready for the pros?! Here are some pics of our little slugger! Oh yeah...the kid can pitch too. If you lift your leg it gives you much more power.
He connected with the ball several times, however, he does not understand running the bases just yet!

Also, if you open your mouth, you can whack it much harder. Or maybe he is hungry?!

Here you go dad! I throw it!

Again, the kid can hit. Of course I am just a proud mom and all, but I think he has a shot at being signed pretty soon!

Brian brought home this very large hat. Lincoln loves it! I am still not sure why Brian had the hat in the first place...

Hope everyone is well! Love Trish, Brian and Lincoln