Lincoln and Miller

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Yes, I am posting twice in one week!

Yes, I know it is hard to beleive, but I am posting 2 times in one week! Darci and I took the boys to Chuck-e-Cheese for a little play time. I was a Chuck-e-Cheese virgin, so I had no idea what to expect! However, Lincoln and Brax had a great much so that I would go back! Not too bad for an afternoon of fun! Here are some pics of the boys playing!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Disney Days!!!!

Our one and olny family picture!!!
We heard it was good for teething??!!!! He seemed to enjoy it!

Our hotel was full of fun things like this giant Ms. Potato Head. It was a pretty cool place to stay!

Lincoln has no fear of the water! He and Brian played in the wave pool for hours! Huge smiles stayed on both my boys faces!

Linc wasn't afraid of the characters either! Here he is giving Pooh a very sticky pat!

So tired! This is how most of our days ended! Of course, Brian and I wished we could be snuggled in the stroller too...what a life!

Lincoln has learned when the camera comes out, funny faces should be made. This is one of the many pics I took of him chees-n it up!

He loved the fireworks! I was sure the noise would scare him, but he just kept pointing and laughing!

Love these guys!

Watching with mommy.

A sweet and sticky treat!

We did it! We took a 14 month old to Disney...all by ourselves. I am sure some of you are thinking this is no big deal. I would then assume you have never been to Disney! We spent 6 hot, rain soaked days with our little friend and he did pretty good. Brian and I on the other hand, are now ready for a vacation! Lincoln had a great time watching the fireworks and parades and was able to enjoy a few rides along the way. However, he wasn't too excited about staying in his stroller for long periods of time. So, we attempted to keep him busy with treats and stuffed animals. We love Disney and want to go back soon. However, the next time, we would love to travel with another family...any takers??!! Love Trish, Brian and Lincoln