Lincoln and Miller

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Disney...yes again!

Yes, we did it again! I am not sure how many children have been to Disney 3 times before they turn 2, but Linc has! We just love this place! It is so easy to get around, there is so much to do and we have a blast every time we go! Here are some of our pictures! Oh, and yes, it was 90 degrees...thus the shorts and sweat stains! Love you! Trish, Brian and Linc
My Favorite character!

These are made completly of Legos!

Cinderella's castle was amazing at Christmas! We were lucky enough to get into the park after it closed for a special was well worth it!
Watching the fireworks on dad's shoulders!

Love you dad.

Gotta have my ears!

Dad, can we do this again?

We got to ride on the front of the Monorail...I am not sure, but I think Brian was more exicted than Lincoln! They even got Co-pilot badges!

Ahhh, if only we could all be so lucky to be pushed around and sleep whenever we needed too!

Hello friends! Hope everyone is well and is ready for the Holidays to begin! I know we are! I just wanted to post a couple of pics of Linc...much more to come! Love Trish, Brian and Lincoln
This is what happens after you eat 2 Thanksgiving dinners!

Ready to watch football dad!

Oh he really playing with his dad?? Guess I will take back seat to both the boys in my life now!