Lincoln and Miller

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! We had a great day! Lincoln was pimped out in his Lincoln Navigator (thanks Aunt Beth and Grandpa for all your hard work!) He loved his ride! I dressed him in a suit as he was supposed to be the chauffer of his ride, but several people thought he was running for office...hmmm, he does have a strong presidential name! Guess time will tell! Hope everyone had a great time trick or treating! Love, Trish, Brian and Lincoln

Here he is in his pimped out ride! Yes, those are spinners!

A view from the back...and yes, those are real tail lights !
He loved being pulled around!

He saw some other trick or treaters and was really excited! Yelling at everyone!
Nice suit!

Looking good!
The only thing missing from his ride was a system...but hey, you gotta put your foot down somwhere right?!

Happy Halloween!