Lincoln and Miller

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tacos, trees and tub baths

Hope everyone has been doing well! We are great! Here are some pictures of our week! I am waiting for Aunt Bethy to send me the Disney pictures...when they arrive, I will add them to display Lincoln's 5th or 6th trip...I can't remember what number he is on!
We went to Swanky's tacos and Lincoln took this picture all by himself...not too bad!

Bye-bye belly button! Time for our first tub bath!

We put up our Christmas tree...lots of help from Lincoln...well, help is a nice word to use...

Miller's ornament

And this is where she wanted to put it on the tree!

Looking good!

Linc got out my sunglasses and posed...

Then put them on Miller!

Yeah, he really is this silly!

Hope everyone has a great week! Love Trish, Brian, Linc and Miller

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sleep, eat, poop, repeat...

Brian and Lincoln left for Disney World this morning...and took the camera, so there will be no more pictures until they return on Saturday! So, I leave you with the photo-shoot I put Miller through. Lincoln had to endure the same kind of paparazzi when he was a little over a week old, so I didn't want Miller to miss out! She has been doing great! She had her first MD appointment. She is past her birth weight...8pounds, 7 ounces...girl likes to eat and sleep and poop, what a tough life!

Hope everyone has a great week...we will post more when the Lincoln and Brian get home!!! Love Trish and Miller

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our first week as a family of 4

We have officially had our first week as the "Campbell, party of 4". We are doing great! Miller is sleeping well and eating like a champion! Lincoln has been a big helper and transitioned thus far! Brian has been the BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD!!!! He has really helped me this past week in more ways than he knows! And me, I'm getting around. Still a little slow, but with 2 kiddos, there is only time for a speedy recovery! Here are some pics of our first week! All packed up in the new carseat and ready to leave the hospital! Again, thank you to all the Williamson Medical Center nurses! You made our stay amazing and took care of my family! Thank you for all you do...I really did expect excellence, and I got it!
Miller's first bath...she loved it! She can't wait for the next one!

Brian did pretty good with her hair. I am pretty sure this is the first time he ever brushed a girl's hair!

Lincoln has been going about his regualr 2 year old days, but he occasionally stops to talk to Miller and tell her what he is doing. He told her she will like the Doodlebops...great 2 more years of Dee-Dee, Rooney and Mo.

Ms. Tracy brought this bib over for fitting!

Just hanging like a big brother does!

Our first car trip with 2 carseats, 2 diaper bags and 2 fantastic kids! Lincoln told us he would keep an eye on her! Thanks buddy!

She likes to sleep...good girl...keep it up!

Daddy is tired! He should be after all the hard work he has done this week!

I think she is yawning...

We took Lincoln to Steak and Shake for his first meal...we couldn't let Miller miss that opportunity too!

So, it has been a busy but fantatic week! I am so grateful for the wonderful family Ihave been blessed with!
Love, Trish, Brian, Lincoln and Miller

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Can we keep her?

Wow! I can't say enough to everyone who has come to visit and play with us while we have been in the hospital. Each and everyone of you has brought a smile to my face and made me feel so special...and Miller too! We are so fortunate to have such wonderful friends and family!
Lincoln is adjusting...rather I am adjusting to the fact that he is so content and loves Miller so much. I was/am quite anxious to raise 2 children, but Lincoln has been so good to both Miller and I, that I am pretty sure I can do this!
He has asked several times if we can keep her...this is a good sign! We let him "hold" her and it came so naturally to him! He also helped feed her...not so natural...bottle in the ear, eye, chin...pretty much everywhere but the mouth! But we will get it!

My beautiful family. Yeah, I can toot my own horn!

He gives her lots of hugs and kisses. He also pats her on the head...similar to how he "loves" on the dog...hmmm!

He is showing her Elmo on TV. She looks like she is saying "save me"!!

Aunt Bethy has started spoiling her already! Several cute onsies have showed favorite "You would cry too if you had just wet yourself" Now, I have to get her thinking about a Halloween costume for next year....

Gi-Gi and Grandpa get some time with her. Believe me, there will be plenty more time with them! Both sets of Grandparents are so excited! A grandson and granddaughter...they are all set now!

Again with the wrapped around the finger pose! Seriously Brian, don't falter, she doesn't need a new car just yet!

Again, I have to give so much thanks to the WMC nurses. They have taken such good care of Miller and I and treated Brian and Lincoln like they were part of their family too! Courtney gave Miller this super cute gown with matching burp clothes and the softest blanket I have ever felt. Sarah gave her a bath last night and put her pink bow in to match her new gown. Thank you Sarah for letting me sleep and for getting Miller ready for her photo-shoot this morning!

Ahhh. So sweet.
We are still feeling great! I am scheduled to go home this afternoon. We are excited to get into our own bed and figure out how we will raise 2 children. Please come visit us at home! We are so excited to have Miller meet all of our friends! Thanks for thinking of us and we will keep you posted!
Love, Trish, Brian, Lincoln and Miller

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


She's here! Brian and I got up early November 10th and the next thing we knew, we had a baby girl in our arms! Thanks to Gi-Gi, Grandpa and Aunt Bethy for keeping Lincoln before we went into the was so much easier getting ready and out the door without having to bribe a 2 year old with Handy Manny and pop-tarts! When we got to our room, my sweet friends had decorated our room! Such good friends!

Brian looks stellar in his attire! And me...well one last shot of my belly!

We went back to the OR at 7:10 and Miller arrived at 8:08! Courtney "caught" and recovered her for us...we could not have asked for a nicer nurse...she took excellent care of Miller and the rest of my family as I was being "put back together" by another fabulous team...Mischelle, Dr. Bell, Susan A., Linda and Anitra. Thank you ladies for all you did for us! I could not have asked for a better delivery! Each of you made me feel at ease and whether you realized it or not, relieved the anxiety that had been building! Thank you!!!!

The famous OR shot!

Didn't take long to wrap dad around her finger! Miller snuggles up with him, just like Lincoln did!

She looks just like Lincoln...a little more hair...oh yeah and she has a pink bow!!!

What a wonderful friend you are Courtney! Miller, Lincoln, Brian and I are so fortunate to have you! Thanks for keeping her off the short bus!

Lincoln likes her!! He asked if we could keep her, which is good, because she is not going back to where she came from! I promise this picture was not posed...he actually wanted to kiss her. I better save this to prove to both of them that they did get along at some point!

Grammy and Pop are very excited!
We are all doing well! I will post more pics in the next few days...I have to collect everyones pictures...I am sure there are some on Gi-Gi's camera that I need to get! We slept pretty well the first night! I must give lots of credit to the night shift at WMC! The nurses were fantastic and took such good care of Miller so I could get some sleep! Of course the meds helped too! Brian is adjusting to having 2 children far he has melted into this role just as he did with Lincoln! I love the man I married and could not have asked for more. He is a wonderful husband, a great dad and above all, my best friend...and I am happy! I love you Brian and thank you for taking care of us!