Lincoln and Miller

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Catch up!

Lincoln has decided he loves the Merry-go-round!

If I don't keep an eye on him constantly, he gets into everything!

He has started walking on all 4's...does this mean he is going to start walking soon??? Now if only we could work on teeth!

Taunting the dog!
The boy knows when the camera comes out...he starts flashing his smile!

I mean really! Can there be a cuter kiddo?!

Hanging with Aunt Bethy!

Brian took me to the Preds Gala last week. It was great to be all dressed up! Here he is with his friend Partner...pretty good looking guys huh?!

And here we are all cleaned up...that doesn't happen very often...perhaps I should have taken more pictures!

We have had a great couple of weeks...once we all got over the stomach virus that was lingering in our house! We have been going non-stop! Brian is up to his eyes with the Preds and their fantastic season! I have been trying to keep up with Lincoln...he is a fast one! Last night, the girls took me out for was great! I have such wonderful friends! It was great to see everyone and catch up on their busy lives to! We have to find time to do it more often! Hope everyone has a great week! Love, Trish, Brian and Lincoln

Thursday, February 08, 2007

We have all the germs floating around our house!

If the CDC needed to do some investigation on proper handwashing techniques, they could use my house as a testing site. Everyone has been sick! On Monday, we spent the afternoon in the Emergency Room. Brian had the hiccups for over 2 hours. While on-going hiccups are a normalcy for Brian, 2 hours was a bit too much for him. The ER cured him and sent him on his way. In the midst of all that, my throat started to get sore and by nightfall, my nose was running and my head felt as though it might explode. On Tuesday, I awoke to hear the saddest wimpering I have ever encountered. It doesn't matter how many sick children I have taken care of over the years, how many times I snickered at mom's and dad's as they freaked out over their child's runny nose or how many times I called other nurse friends to tell them how a family lost their cool when their child started throwing up...when it's your child, the world comes to a complete stop!! As Lincoln lay in my arms, wretching and crying, I lost all accountablity as a sane and calm person. Poor little baby! I don't know how many times I asked for all his suffering to be transfered to my body so he would feel better?! It's not fair I kept saying! He is so little and can't be this sick! I think I changed 20 diapers yesterday...enough that we almost ran out of diapers! And handwashing!!! You better believe it! I pretty much tore the skin off my hands trying to make sure I wouldn't re-infect Lincoln! Of course, we are not the only people in the world to experience the 24 hour stomach flu...but like I said, an insane woman was living in my body yesterday! Not much picture taking these last few days. I have posted a couple from our BIG snow last week...ahhh...can't wait for that little smile to come back around! Love, Trish, Brian and Lincoln