Lincoln and Miller

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 the way...

It occured to me that we have not officially announced we are adding another Campbell to our family! So, here is the big news! We are having a girl! She is perfect! Below are some pictures of our yet to be named child! I will spare everyone the "money-shot" that proves she is a girl!

I feel pretty good! Just the usual pregnancy aches and pains! Today we found out she has all her parts...10 fingers, 10 toes and for all my medical friends...4 chambers! Yeah! She is BIG! I am 19 weeks and she is measuring 20 weeks. She currently weighs 12 ounces...apparently, I grow em large!

Lincoln is clueless and thinks everyone has a baby in their please do not be offended if he asks you to see your baby! His world is about to be rocked! We have tentatively set a delivery date for November 10 and I have my dream team assembled to bring this new baby into the world!

Hope everyone is well! We love you all! Brian, Trish and Linc