Lincoln and Miller

Friday, January 26, 2007

Oh the fun we have had!

We took Lincoln to the Circus on Thursday night. He loved it...for about 25 minutes and then it was way past his bed-time. Here are some pics we captured before he took a turn for the worst! Watching very closely at all there was to see!

He loves to clap!

Brian and I love to go out to eat and Lincoln usually does well. However, there are those times when he is tired of being in his high-chair. We have discoved that ice-tea via a straw will keep him quiet for another 5 minutes...usually enough time to scarf down the remains of our dinner and pay the bill!

We discoved he loves pasta! Here is the picture we will show his prom date when the time arrives!

We went to visit Darci and Brax in their new apartment while they wait for their new home to be fininshed. Catrina came with us. Here she is keeping the boys occupied! They sure do like to play with each other...just watch out for Pablo from the Back-yardigans. Lincoln has a real problem with this little bird! Need proof, ask Darci and Catrina!

A new park opened near us, so we thought we would check it out. Got out of the car, didn't make it across the parking lot before HUGE rain drops started falling. Guess we will literally have to take a rain check!

Sunday mornings are wonderful! I love them! Big fat morning paper with some Dunkin doughnuts and spending time with Brian and Lincoln. Guess Lincoln decided he should read the paper too!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! Love you! Brian, Trish and Linc

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lincoln's first haircut!

It started as a wonderful day...everyone was smiling, the weather was beautiful for January, there were no tears. Then I had the brilliant idea that Lincoln should get his first haircut (Ok, I attempted to cut his hair one day, but he wound up with a huge chunk missing from the's hard to cut when his head is whipping around!) So we headed off to a kid's only salon. See below for what appears to be the most terrifying moment of little Lincoln's life!

Ok, sitting in the far so good!

And then the green cape went on and the tears started rolling!

Hair has NO feeling but it would be hard to prove that point based on this picture!

A hug from dad might help...or not.

All done! the amount of time it took me to take the pictures, his haircut was over. Maybe a total of 4 minutes, but if Lilcoln could talk I am pretty sure he would say they were the worst 4 minutes of his life! I can't wait until we have to set him in the dentist chair, perhaps it's a good thing he doesn't have any teeth yet!?

I guess it's a good thing kids can't remember anything in their early childhood. However, this may come up in future counseling sessions. "It all started when my mom and dad forced me to cut my hair..."
Hope everyone is doing great! Love Trish, Brian and Lincoln

Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy New Year...a few days late!

No, we didn't go to New York...we had a great trip to Las Vegas! Lincoln stayed with Gigi and Aunt Bethy while Brian and I toured the world in 3 hours! Where else can you see New York, the Eifel Tower, and China town without getting on an airplane? We had a wonderful time but I was anxious to get back! Even though Lincoln told me he had so much fun with Gigi and Aunt Bethy, I was ready to get home!

Gotta love Las Vegas! We did pretty good in the gambling department, and by we, I mean I did a great job mooching money from Brian that he had just won, to burn in the nickel slot machines! Fortunatley Brian did well at the tables and made up for my lack of luck on the slots! Looks like he still loves me huh?

Lincoln hanging out in his pack and play...sans pants! Brian likes to allow Lincoln to be free!

As you can probably tell, consistenly blogging was not one of my New Year's resolutions, so don't hold your breath! But I will try to post more often...famous last words!

I love my new job! It has been so nice to spend so much time with friends and family and most importantly Linc! I am so fortunate to be in a profession that allows me to change jobs without having to learn everything all over again! This was the best decision I could have made for our family!

We miss seeing everyone...maybe if the weather stays nice, we can get together with the mommies soon! Love Trish, Brian and Lincoln