Lincoln and Miller

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Off to big boy school!

The day has finally come! We have been looking forward to this all summer long! Lincoln's First Day of Preschool!!!! He was so excited to go to school! I could hardly get any pictures of him because he would not hold still long enough to capture the moment! So here are a few...

This is a pic of Linc's last day at Ms. Tracy's school. He has stayed with Ms. Tracy for the last year for 4 hours on Monday and Thursday so I could sleep after work. Tracy has taught Lincoln so much and he has so much to say about all his friends! We will miss seeing them each week, but are excited to start our new Preschool experience!
In other news, Baby Miller is doing great! We are both growing at a much slower rate than I was with Lincoln...maybe I won't have a 10 pound baby this time! We are still scheduled to have a C-Section Nov 10th! I have finished the bedding in the nursery, but we still have some painting to do! I will add pictures of her new room when we are all done!
Hope everyone is doing well! Love, Trish, Brian and Lincoln

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

2 posts in one day!!!!

I have NO desire to start potty training! It makes life so much easier for us when we are in control of when he goes to the bathroom and when we change him. However, he has started asking to sit on the potty. Fearful that I will scare him away from potty training when the time comes, I put him on the potty when he asks...this is what I have to look forward too???!!! On another note...our baby girl is growing just fine and everything looks great! She has a name....Miller Jayne. We are looking forward to having her here with us soon...but not too soon! We have set a date of November 10th for her to make her entrance! We will keep everyone posted!
Love, Trish, Brian and Linc

More Beach!!!

We headed off to the beach last week for a little R&R...if that is possible with a 2 year old! We had a great time and Linc got to spend a lot of time with Grammy and Pop. I am pretty sure they were ready for a little vacation when we left...Lincoln is NON STOP ALL THE TIME!!! Everyone, Brian included, got to see what I do on a daily basis! Here are some pics from our great trip!! Love Trish, Brian and Linc

The one and only family pic we were able to capture!

If you were shorter than the moose at the ice cream store, you got a free scoop...he almost didn't make the cut!!!

I am bravely adding this pic of me pregnant in a bathing suit!

He demaded we bring his bat and ball!